Hottest gadgets for Christmas

  • 19/11/2015
BB-8 droid (Paul Henry)
BB-8 droid (Paul Henry)

It’s 35 days until Christmas… there’s always hot new gadgets on the most-wanted lists, so what are they this year?

Tech guru Vaughn Davis joined Paul Henry to talk about what you can buy this silly season.

From cheap to pricey…


Plug this $69 dongle into the back of your TV and suddenly it’s an internet-connected smart device, which means you can watch Netflix, Lightbox, YouTube and control it all from an app, or stream anything from your laptop or phone straight to your big screen.

Action cameras

A huge category this Christmas and great for combining tech with getting off your bum and going outside. GoPro used to own this but newer ones make them look clunky. One is a lipstick-sized $80 Panasonic camera. Bonus: you can wear this on your own head and look silly.

Star Wars BB-8 rolling drone

$279 so pricey but – it’s a robot from Star Wars rolling around your house, how can you not love it? Guaranteed to scare the cat.

And for that secret santa or rellie on a budget… Google Cardboard is still Vaughn’s number one choice.