Passengers take flight to a galaxy far far away

  • 21/11/2015

Global fans of Star Wars are rejoicing, with the All Nippon Airway's (ANA) Star Wars themed jet beginning its international flight schedules today.

A trio of Star Wars planes have been designed by Japan's largest airline as part of a five-year promotion license contract for the Star Wars brand with Walt Disney, ahead of the latest Star Wars film, The Force Awakens.

As well as the Star Wars ANA jet, the airline has designed a BB-8 ANA jet, and a R2-D2 ANA Jet.

All Nippon Airway tweeted yesterday a video of exterior Star Wars decorations being finalised on one of the jets, saying "Just a little bit more, the #STARWARSANAJET decoration will be done and prepared for its first flight on Nov 21!"

The first 215-seater R2-D2 jet first took off earlier in October and flew to Brussels Airport, treating fans and airline staff with Star Wars characters. Its initial flight path was between Tokyo and Vancouver.

The Boeing 787-9 planes boast external decorations as well as themed headrest covers, napkins and cups featuring different Star Wars characters. It was inspired by the robust droid R2-D2 which served Anakin and Luke Skywalker in the film franchise.


Passengers will be able to watch all six of the previous Star Wars films, which will be the first time the films have been provided as in-flight entertainment.


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