Video: Father reassures young son after terror attacks

(Jerome Isaac Rousseau/Facebook)
(Jerome Isaac Rousseau/Facebook)

A touching video of a French father reassuring his young son after the Paris terrorist attacks is making its way around the internet.

A French reporter from Le Petit Journal asks the young boy if he understands what has happened.

The boy speaks of the "baddies" and their guns until his father explains to him that the terrorists may have guns, but we have flowers.

Video Translation

Journalist: Do you understand what's happened? Do you understand why these people have done this?

Boy: Yes, because they are very, very, very bad. Bad people aren't very nice. And you have to be very careful because you need to move house.

Father: No, don't worry, we don't have to move. France is our home.

Boy: But what about the baddies, Dad?

Father: There are baddies everywhere. There are bad guys everywhere.

Boy: They've got guns. They can shoot us because they're very, very bad, Daddy.

Father: They've got guns but we have flowers.

Boy: But flowers don't do anything. They're for... they're for... they're for...

Father: Look, everyone is laying flowers here.

Boy: Yes.

Father: It's to fight against the guns.

Boy: Is it for protection?

Father: That's right.

Boy: And the candles too?

Father: They're so we don't forget the people who have gone.

Boy: Oh. The flowers and candles are there to protect us?

Father: Yes.

Journalist: Do you feel better now?

Boy: Yes, I feel better

Watch the video to see the moment unfold.

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