Video: Kiwi in Paris talks about attacks just 200m from her home

  • 14/11/2015
Emily Brookes (File)
Emily Brookes (File)

Emily Brookes, a Kiwi living in Paris, has been caught in the lockdown just 200 metres from the Bataclan arts centre, where gunmen took hostages.

She also works just across the road from the Charlie Hebdo offices, which were attacked in January. When the news of today’s attacks started breaking, she thought back to that time.

"I had a horrible sinking realisation that Paris was probably under attack again,” she told 3 News.

"Very quickly they started reporting the Bataclan (arts centre) which is 200 to 300 metres away from where I live, so that was when it started to get quite terrifying," she says.

The authorities have advised everyone to stay where they are so Ms Brookes' husband is at work while she is home alone with a sleeping baby.

"It's definitely not nice being alone at this time," she says.

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