Andrew Little to visit Kiwi detainees in Australia

Andrew Little (Simon Wong/3 News)
Andrew Little (Simon Wong/3 News)

Labour leader Andrew Little is visiting Kiwis locked up at an Australian detention centre today.

Mr Little has been meeting with select committees in Australia to raise concerns about the treatment of New Zealanders.

He believes the trip has been successful.

"The argument we were saying is… we know that there's examples coming up of people feeling as if they're being treated unfairly," he told the Paul Henry programme this morning.

"Isn't [it] time to perhaps have a look and to see whether this is the right thing? Actually, the second committee we spoke to, this migration committee, that's exactly what they concluded with."

Mr Little is expecting to meet with four Kiwi detainees today.

"I'm lined up to meet with [them] to talk about their story, their background, and [I am] going to have a look around the detention centre itself."

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