California attacks: Media given access to shooters' home

  • 05/12/2015

Television crews have been let inside the home of the California shooters, rifling through the couple's personal effects for any clue to what drove them to gun down 14 people at an office party.

Crews were on Friday (local time) given access by the landlord to the Redlands apartment rented by Syed Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik, who lived there with their six-month-old baby daughter.

A scrum of journalists flooded into the apartment, filming and snapping pictures of the family's possessions - from baby toys to computer paraphernalia.

It was not immediately clear if the apartment was still considered an active crime scene.

A reporter for MSNBC displayed on camera a driver's licence in Malik's name and what appeared to be the first known photographs of the 27-year-old.

Footage also showed a wall calendar and a paper basket filled with shredded documents, which a reporter said had been discarded by investigators.

MSNBC said that one reporter from another outlet had paid the landlord US$1000 (NZ$1482.47) for access to the ground floor premises, and that the rest of the media had flooded in behind.

Farook and Malik were killed on Wednesday in a wild firefight with police hours after the carnage at an office party attended by Farook's co-workers in San Bernardino.

Relatives were at a loss to explain how the young couple with a baby girl could have donned black tactical gear and gunned down 14 people, in the country's deadliest mass shooting since the Newtown school massacre in 2012.

Investigators believe that Malik had pledged allegiance to Islamic State (IS) group leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and may have radicalised her husband, US media reported.