Epic rowing adventure draws to a close

  • 28/12/2015
Epic rowing adventure draws to a close

A British adventurer has anchored his place in the history books, becoming the first person to row solo from North America to the Australian mainland.

The 53-year-old arrived in Cairns after an epic seven-month trip across the Pacific Ocean.

John Beeden set out from San Francisco in May and battled wild storms, currents and sharks. 

He's missed birthdays, anniversaries and Christmas and the trip took its toll on his body too.

Rough conditions blew out his arrival by a month, but today Mother Nature was on his side, and Canadian Cheryl Beeden was ready to see her husband.

"I don't think any one of us are going to let him go on anymore adventures anytime soon," she said.

There were cheers of support as Mr Beeden reached the finish line.

Three years ago, the father of two rowed the Atlantic Ocean solo. That was tough but this was tougher.

"I didn't think I could go on and I had to dig deep, and getting pushed back hundreds of miles I had already rowed and I had to row it all again," Mr Beeden says.

He's the first person to row solo nonstop from the US to Australia's mainland.

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