Expensive landing for Fijian helicopter


Holidaymakers at a Fijian resort were left watching in horror as a helicopter with seven people on board came crashing down before their eyes.

In video uploaded to Facebook, the chopper looks as though it is preparing to land on Treasure Island when it appears to be caught by a strong gust of wind.

None of the seven people onboard were injured in the incident, but the expensive landing left onlookers like Bob Carroll gobsmacked.

"Holy S***!! Bizarreo and freaky and scary but thank God all got out of the chopper and we are all Okay. I can feel another Fiji Bitter coming on (sic)," Mr Carroll said on Facebook.

Only 50 metres away from the crash at the time, Mr Carroll said he and his family had been out at the island when things changed dramatically.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Fiji has stated the incident was an accident caused by strong wind.

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