Hunt on for killer of Kiwi in Sydney

Sydney police are trying to figure out what was behind a fatal attack on a New Zealand-born man.

Roddy Carino, who spent his early years in Wellington, died in hospital early this morning.

Police had received an anonymous tip-off from a public phone box that led them to his body.

On the streets of Sydney they farewelled their good mate, their brother, their way, with a haka.

Mr Carino, a 19-year-old father, was born in New Zealand and he was found lying critically injured on a south Sydney road just after midnight. He died at 2:05am in hospital.

His shocked and devastated family and friends gathered at the scene early, holding each other tight.

Police say someone tipped them off, using a nearby public phone, then fled the scene. Police are now desperate to find the caller.

Sydney detectives are now trying to piece together what happened and why. They still have no real idea.

It's another blow to the young man's family; his brother died two years ago of a heart attack, just before auditioning for a talent show.

Mr Carino was a father of one and a painter. Police hope security video will help them trace his final movements and find the person responsible for his death.

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