Iraqi army declares 'victory' over IS in Ramadi

  • 28/12/2015

Iraqi forces have declared victory over Islamic State (IS) fighters in Ramadi, a provincial capital west of Bagdad on Sunday (local time), being a major triumph for the US-trained forces.

A spokesperson from the military told the BBC that the complex was under complete control and there was no sign of IS fighters, although there could be pockets of resistance in other parts.

This comes as a success for the government, which has been attempting to recapture Ramadi for weeks. The city fell to IS in May and this was seen as an embarrassing defeat for the army, the BBC reports.

The spokesperson says with the area under control, the next step is to clear pockets that could exist there or in the city.

State television footage shows some districts appeared to have been completely destroyed by the advance, according to Reuters.

The government claims most civilians were able to evacuate before it launched its assault, but Anbar provincial council member Falih al-Essawi told Reuters it will not be easy "to convince families to return to a city that lacks basic human needs".

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