Kitten paws its way from a rubbish situation

Murphy the kitten is now in safe hands (Tom Miller / KCRA)
Murphy the kitten is now in safe hands (Tom Miller / KCRA)

A kitten in Northern California has survived a rubbish start to life after being saved from going down a conveyer belt at a recycling centre.

Loader operator Tony Miranda spotted the kitten as he was sorting the recycling.

"We put so much material in here and we run so much stuff through it," Mr Miranda told local news station KCRA.

"It's just amazing to see a little kitty survive through all this. It made my day today, definitely made my day."

Despite its short life so far, the kitten had already survived another traumatic event, finding itself in the back of a rubbish truck before being dumped under mountains of trash.

The piles of rubbish Murphy was survived in (Tom Miller / KCRA)

It would have then been pushed onto the first of two conveyor belts by a tractor and then a drop onto another belt.

A message over the PA system had announced to staff what had been found and it caught shift manager Heather Garcia's attention.

She decided to adopt the kitten and call it Murphy, after the material recovery facility employees call "The Murph".

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