Kiwi's online love search peaks in January

  • 12/01/2016

Kiwis find themselves searching for love online as the new year hits, as much as 212 percent more than any other time in the year, a dating site reveals.

EliteSingles says January provides the boom for online dating, as its Kiwi registration numbers rise as much as 212 percent above average at this time of year.

Numbers take a dip in the run-up to Christmas, then bounce back to record numbers as the new year begins, and previous records show this will peak will remain high right up to Valentine's Day.

EliteSingle psychologist Salama Marine says it comes down to three main reasons.

"Firstly, when spending the Christmas holidays with family, most singles are faced with never-ending questions about their love life," says EliteSingle psychologist Salama Marine.

She says New Years' Eve also proves difficult, as well as New Year's resolutions, because "for many singles, finding a new partner is resolution number one".

Member activity shows that the amount of messages sent by New Zealand users peaks on a Sunday around 9pm.

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