Man climbs crane to avoid police


A man who went to great heights to evade police has now been released from custody.

The 21-year-old climbed 80 metres up a crane on a Brisbane construction site and dangled in the air for almost seven hours before his arrest.

As other weekend revellers were climbing into bed this man decided to climb something a little less comfortable.

"I woke up this morning about five or six and saw police cars out here and didn't know what was happening, and he's still here, so it's absolutely crazy I don't know what he's doing up there," said one witness.

Dangling in the sky he swung from side to side.

He showed no fear, at one point hanging upside down by his legs.

"Very dangerous behaviour, there's no question," says acting Inspector Kevin Fitzgibbon from Brisbane Police.

He used parts of the frame like monkey bars, terrifying residents who squeamishly watched on, fearing he would fall.

Police say the man was out with friends in town when he became separated from them.

Somehow he ended up on the crane, abusing police and behaving erratically.

For hours, under searing sun he sat, perched in this spot refusing to comply with negotiators.

"It's difficult to foresee how the subject's going to behave so there is an element of danger," says Insp Fitzgibbon.

Specialised police were sent up before he eventually decided to come down.

After almost seven hours of evading police he put up one last fight, resisting arrest before being carted off the construction site.

Police say his motive remains unclear.

"You'd have to ask him, I don't know," says acting Insp Fitzgibbon.

He's now facing several charges including the possession of dangerous drugs.

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