New South Wales beaches trial 'shark drones'


Beaches in New South Wales are trialling drones and smart drum lines to help protect swimmers from sharks.

Australia correspondent Jason Morrison told the Paul Henry programme the measures don't address the real reason sharks are coming close to beaches.

"The real problem here is we have created these exclusion zones for fishing close to the shore, so what do you reckon happens?" he says.

"The fish breed up because they're not captured in this area – mass captured. Of course where do the sharks go? They head towards the shore rather than out to sea to feed."

He says the answers "are in front of us".

"We don't want to deal with the answer so we create all these other things like extra netting – which is lovely – drones flying over looking for sharks, drum machines which catch the sharks and then alert the authorities that there's a shark caught and whatever else."

Watch the video for the full interview with Jason Morrison.