NZer linked to murder in Wales

  • 12/12/2015

A man living in New Zealand has been told the skeleton of his father has been found concealed in the garden of his mother's home in Wales after she died.

The remains were discovered last week above ground wrapped in plastic sheeting outside flats in Beddau, near Pontypridd, and South Wales police said they were treating it as murder.

The remains have been identified as those of John Sabine, who would now have been 85 years old.

It is believed he moved to the area with his wife Ann Sabine, known as Leigh, in 1997 and has not been seen since then.

Mrs Sabine passed away on October 30 and is the main suspect in the investigation, Wales Online reports.

The couple emigrated to New Zealand in the 1960s but returned to Wales, leaving their four children in the care of welfare services in New Zealand.

Son Steve, who lives in Taranaki, was overwhelmed to hear the news, Wales Online reports.

British media are dubbing it as the perfect crime. Despite not being seen for 18 years Mr Sabine was not reported missing as the children were estranged from their parents.