San Diego Polar Bears' snowy surprise

  • 22/12/2015

New Zealanders might be relishing in the long-missed sun over in the southern hemisphere, but some of our friends in the northern hemisphere are enjoying their new winter wonderland.

Nearly 23 tonnes of snow has landed in the polar bear enclosure at the San Diego Zoo, and the three residents couldn't have wished for a better Christmas gift.

The three bears, Kalluk, Tatqiq and Chinook, showed their excitement by playfully frolicking in the snow, rolling around in the fresh powder and wrestling with each other.

The snowy surprise was a generous donation made to the wish list on the zoo’s website.

"This was a special day for the polar bears, and I could tell they really loved it,” said the senior keeper Susan Purtell.

"It was great seeing them roll around in the snow, showcasing their natural behaviours."

Watch the video.