Saxophonist serenades during brain surgery

Saxophonist serenades during brain surgery

Spanish surgeons have had their patient serenade them as they removed his brain tumour.

Saxophonist Carlos Aguilera, 27, played the jazz classic 'Misty', as neurosurgeons performed the delicate final stages of the 12-hour operation.

Surgeons wanted to ensure the operation wasn't damaging his ability to play music.

"It was very important that he played in the final stages of the brain tumour removal surgery as we were very close to the part of the brain that is the listening cortex," says neurosurgeon Guillermo Ibanez.

"This extra effort was very important as we were able to control the listening cortex, we were also able to control the fine movements that he needs to control the saxophone."

A nurse even held up a sheet of music for Mr Aguilera to read.

"Two months ago, I was laid out on a stretcher, and now I can say that my life is waiting for me," Mr Aguilera says. "I have come back to life."

It's a life he says would be nothing without music.

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