Sydney hammered by massive storm


Sydney has been hammered by a massive storm that's produced tornados, huge hail and widespread flooding. Winds ripped off roofs and over-turned cars.

It's designed to produce water in times of drought, but today's natural rain smashed one of Sydney's desalination plants.

Roofing was shredded, flung into power lines like metal confetti.

At least one worker was taken to hospital with minor injuries.

Parts of southern Sydney were slammed – trees scattered to all parts.

The winds were recorded as high as 200km/h – so strong they tipped over parked trucks. They made driving incredibly dangerous.

But it was the heavy rain that caught some drivers out. A smattering of hail did seem reminiscent of a white Christmas, although the size of some caused some serious concern.

The weather put a dampener on Christmas shopping after the Bondi Westfield began leaking, although you were better off than the stall holders outside.

There have been hundreds of calls for help, but those going to assist were also caught out.

A fire brigade car racing to help crashed and rolled. Thankfully no one was seriously injured.

The wind is expected to pick up again. And as fast as it blew through, another front could just as easily wreak more havoc.

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