Tony Abbott scores Gumtree fridge bargain

  • 08/12/2015

Now that former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott no longer has the weight of the nation on his shoulders, he can spend his free time enjoying the more simple pleasures in life, like browsing the web for a bargain.

One fellow online shopper, Emily Hastings, didn't expect her path to cross with Abbott's, however.

She had posted a fridge on the buy and sell website Gumtree because she needed to get rid of it before she moved overseas, Ms Hastings told Buzzfeed.

So, when one Gumtree user 'Margie' won the bid for the three-year-old Daewoo fridge for $300, it didn't seem too out of the ordinary. But little did Ms Hastings know, it was Mr Abbott moonlighting under his wife's name 'Margie'.

"Margie said she thought the fridge would come in handy come Christmas time," says Ms Hastings.

"Tony was just a regular dude in a baseball cap."

The sellers of the fridge later posted it on Instagram.

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