US bank robbers have trouble pulling off crime


Police in the small Nebraska beach town of Omaha are looking for a pair of bank robbers, who could possibly be the world's dumbest.

They aren't expecting the hunt to be too difficult, after releasing a video of the duo attempted to enter the bank, masked and armed, but struggling to open the door. The alleged robbers are seen on video entering the bank, The Huffington Post reports

However, the second one becomes flustered by the door, which in this case is operated correctly by pulling it open - he has so much trouble he spends a full 9 seconds trying to open the door with no success.

The second suspect eventually comes back and opens the door for him.

The two suspects then proceeded to rob the bank and flee, this time with no trouble opening the door.

Perhaps the large and friendly phrase PUSH TO EXIT helped. 

Watch the video.