Video: Heart-warming dog rescue in Bosnia

  • 23/12/2015

Video has emerged from Bosnia of two men who saved a blind dog who had been trapped in a well for more than a month.

When the rescuer Fahrudin Caki Bravo and his friend Ratko Koblar heard about this dog that had already been trapped for weeks, they drove for hours to save him.

The dog, who is old and blind, had been searching a field for food and fell through the earth covering up the empty well.

Children from the area had kept the dog alive by throwing food to the bottom of the hole, but the well was too deep for them to attempt to rescue it.

The dog was aptly named “Christmas”, and is living with a foster family until she finds a permanent home.

The rescuers are partially funded by an organisation called Harmony Fund who sponsor animal rescues across the world.

Watch the video.