Young boy found locked in tiny room

  • 24/12/2015
Young boy found locked in tiny room

An eight-year-old boy has been discovered locked in a tiny room on a remote property in New South Wales.

Police were carrying out a drug raid when they found the boy in a two square metre room at the back of a tin shed.

The room contained a single mattress and a bucket, and police say the boy had been in there for more than three weeks.

"You don't prepare yourself to come across these types of things, especially when you see a child put in danger like that, that is something that really hits home," says Detective Inspector Peter McKenna. "We are just very happy that we got the ending that we did and the child is now in the care of the right people."

Police also uncovered a highly sophisticated cannabis setup and more than 200 plants. 

The boy's mother and two men have been charged.

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