Australia marks 50 years since mystery disappearance


Australia has marked the 50th anniversary of one of the nation's most baffling unsolved mysteries - the disappearance of the Beaumont children.

The trio disappeared from an Adelaide beach in 1966, with police - who continue to work the case - still receiving regular calls offering information today.

Nine-year-old Jane, seven-year-old Arnna and four-year-old Grant vanished on Australia Day after visiting a local beach unsupervised, something not uncommon for the time.

That night an extensive search began, and 50 years on there's still no trace of them and no real idea of what happened.

Their father, Grant Beaumont, said at the time, "I know many people all over Australia really feel for us…what can you say at this moment?"

At the time, several witnesses claimed the children were seen with a tall, thin-faced man.

A shopkeeper insisted the oldest child bought a pie and treats with a one-pound note, money her parents say she never had.

Police say every avenue has been explored, and to this day the Beaumont file remains open.

"This case has never been filed; it's never been parked on a shelf and left. It's always remained with an investigator," says police officer Des Bray.

Hundreds of suspects have been investigated and there are dozens of persons of interest in the case.

Police say 50 years on, they still receive up to one call every four days about the case. Over the past two years they've received more than 250 calls. This story has really gripped and baffled Australia.

Another national campaign has now been launched to raise more awareness. Australians, including the mum of a murdered child, have lit candles in memory of the siblings.

"Even being the parent of a cold case, this is quite difficult… So I cannot imagine the grief they have experienced over the last 50 years," says supporter Sharon McKell.

Police say they won't give up and believe with old-fashioned police work and some luck the Beaumont case could still be solved.

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