Bodies found in destroyed homes after WA fires

Bodies found in destroyed homes after WA fires

The bodies of two elderly men have been found inside homes destroyed by a raging bushfire in Yarloop in Western Australia.

Several other people are still unaccounted for. There's now an emergency bushfire warning in at least five towns.

A Kiwi woman 3 News reported on last night who lost everything has bailed up the Premier to ensure the communities are looked after.

At least five towns are still under threat, and more are on edge. More than 140 properties have already been destroyed.

Two bodies have been found in two burnt-out homes in Yarloop. They were men aged 77 and 73. Several others are still unaccounted for.

Kiwi Ada Farmer lost everything. She moved to Yarloop six years ago. She's now in an evacuation centre, where she put the hard word on the Western Australian Premier.

There have already been plenty of donations, but authorities say food and goods are not needed; it's financial support they're after.

Many families who have lost everything are not insured.

"Jeez, it's hard, mate. I'm emotional 'cause we've got nothing. We are staying in a motel room in Bunbury at the moment but we have got nothing," says David Phillips.

"I'm just worried about the animals, and my kids."

"Like a really good community, a small community, and it's just gone," says Angie Phillips.

Rod Taylor fled with his best mate, Ozi, but not before taking a photo of his house in flames.

"I've lost everything – the home, the sheds, all my tools, the caravan, the boat," says Mr Taylor.

The fire perimeter now stretches some 250 kilometres in a straight line that would get you from Auckland to just past Rotorua.

All roads in and out of the disaster area are closed. Only firefighters are allowed in.

There were volunteers at work overnight. The heat was intense as they desperately tried to stop the fire from spreading. Minutes later they had to get out.

Several firefighters have been injured battling the fires, which could burn for weeks.

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