Boy with CP internet sensation for defying the odds

Boy with CP internet sensation for defying the odds

The son of a New Zealand man is fast becoming a star in Australia.

Finley Coll is just seven years old but is already defying all the odds and becoming something of an internet sensation.

It's a long way to the finish line, but Finley is determined. Cheered on by his mates, overcoming the odd stumble, the seven-year-old keeps smiling and keeps going.

"I think I've watched it about 20 times and every time I watch it I cry," says Finley's mum, Amanda Coll. "I love the fact that everybody supports him and I love the fact that he just keeps going and that he's not embarrassed; he's just doing the best he can. It's fabulous."

Tens of thousands of people have now watched him cross the finish line in just under two minutes. That's why it is hard to believe he was once told he'd never be able to crawl, let alone walk.

At birth, Finley was resuscitated and suffered brain damage, but he's shamelessly defying all the odds.

"Finley loves music; that's a big one for him. He wants to be a DJ when he grows up," says Ms Coll.

He's now the poster boy of the Cerebral Palsy League.

"He's a real sweetheart. We've loved working with him. He's been really supportive and so have his family of us in the past few months."

He just helped raise $100,000 for life-changing equipment, like a machine that helps Finley speak.

He and his friends were this week's guests at Brisbane's Channel 7 studio, meeting the stars and practising to be one.

The very next day he was the guest star on Sunrise Television, where it was an opportunity to tease his Kiwi dad, Jason, again about his sport preference – Aussie rules over rugby.

It looks like the Aussies are making a strong play for Finley's support and loyalty, and why wouldn't they? The kid is a born winner.

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