Cincinnati Zoo names penguin after David Bowie

Bowie the Penguin (Mashable)
Bowie the Penguin (Mashable)

The world was struck with the sad news of David Bowie's death yesterday – made only more bearable with the parting gift of his album released on Friday, also the rocker's birthday.

So when the Cincinnati Zoo welcomed its first baby animal of 2016 on Friday, the name was down to one of two – either Bowie or birthday-sharer, Elvis Presley.

Both names were considered but the zoo already has a king penguin named 'The King', so it was decided on Friday the new chick would be named 'Bowie'.

Just two days later, 69-year-old Bowie died, making the gesture of naming the little one that much more special.

The Cincinnati Zoo currently has 33 little penguins — the largest colony of penguins in the US the zoo's bird keeper Jennifer Gainer told Associated Press.

Visitors won't be able to sneak a peek at the new chicks until the US springtime, as little penguins prefer milder weather.

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