Court hears allegations of 'kangaroo bomber'

Court hears allegations of 'kangaroo bomber'

Chilling details have been heard in a Melbourne court about an alleged ANZAC Day terror attack.

Police allege 19-year-old Sevdet Besim discussed packing a kangaroo with explosives and setting it loose on police officers.

The alleged plot was discussed with another teenage terror suspect from the UK and was discovered when officers analysed Besim's phone.

The revelation has shocked Australia, but acclaimed Australian war correspondent Michael Ware describes the plot as nothing more than a fanciful notion.

 "This is not a serious threat, we are at no risk of kangaroo suicide bombers, it's wildly impractical," says Mr Ware.

He's says the focus should be preventing young Australians from being radicalised.  

"Sadly, this is the new normal. This kind of lone-wolf threat across the Western world and it's one of the most difficult thing for us to grapple with as a society."

Australian police, who raided Besim's family home, say he's motivated by an extremist ideology and has expressed support for terrorist organisations, mainly Islamic State.

It's alleged Besim wanted to take out Australian police officers on their doorstep and he laughed as he said he was going to take some heads.

Besim has pleaded not guilty to four charges relating to planning a terrorist act over the phone and internet. He remains in custody.

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