Is Twitter saying goodbye to 140 characters?

Is Twitter saying goodbye to 140 characters?

Twitter stocks have plummeted following rumours the company is considering replacing the 140-character limit on tweets with 10,000.

Share prices dropped 2 percent on the rumoured change which was first reported by Re/code, The Guardian reports.

The company recently changed the length of its Direct Messages to 10,000.

There isn't an official launch date yet, but it could be that the character limit could change before the final product is launched.

The tech company is looking to expand its reach beyond its 300 million users, The Guardian reports.

Chief executive and co-founder Jack Dorsey has lost its reluctance to change the most basic functions to help stimulate stagnating growth.

Twitter has already altered a number of functions including re-naming 'Favourite' to 'Like' and a "While you were away" feature which curates tweets it thinks the user might be interested in if they haven't checked their timeline for a while.

Reaction to the news on the social media platform itself has been mixed with people comparing the 10,000 character limit to a blog post.

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