Man revived after freezing to death thanks doctors

Man revived after freezing to death thanks doctors

A Pennsylvania man presumed dead after he was found frozen solid on the side of the road has defied doctors, and the odds, to make a full recovery.

Justin Smith was found a year ago and has now publicly thanked the staff who saved his life.

In Feburary 2015, Mr Smith was frozen, dead. His face was purple and he had no pulse.

He had been outside for 12 hours in sub-zero temperatures.

But no one was prepared to give up on him. Fifteen medical staff took turns doing two hours of CPR.

Mr Smith was connected to a machine that would warm and oxygenate his blood.

"Once he hit about 30degC his heart started to fibrillate," says surgeon James Wu. "We shocked him and he came back. We were ecstatic."

Doctors say his case is the lowest recorded body temperature to ever survive exposure from hypothermia.

His brain activity returned to normal.

"My first memory was waking up at Cedercrest [hospital] and I saw my mum my dad and my two sisters," says Mr Smith. "I was pretty out of it still but I can still remember seeing them both."

Frostbite did cost him his toes and pinkies, which had to be amputated.

Now almost a year on, Mr Smith has publicly thanked the doctors who saved him, and shared his stunning story of survival.

"It's definitely a miracle, there's someone up there looking over me."

He's now back playing golf, living life to the full.

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