Nelson Mandela's artwork goes on sale

  • 28/01/2016
Nelson Mandela's artwork goes on sale

He's known as a writer, and of course a politician, but not many people know Nelson Mandela was also an artist.

Now a selection of his work is going on sale for the first time.

They're never seen before drawings created by a man incarcerated in his cell for more than 20 years.

Mandela's pictures of Robben Island and rural Qunu, where he grew up, have a charming simplicity.

But his daughter finds some of them hard to look at, saying the ones of jail remind her of a dark time in her childhood.

In contrast, others show the rolling hills and the acacia trees of the village he loved, and where Mandela demanded to be buried.

To prove authenticity, Mandela was filmed signing the pictures and limited-edition prints. There's been controversy in the past over alleged fakes.

But these are the real deal, and his daughter says he always intended them to be sold for family and for charity.

Just how much they will raise is anyone's guess.

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