New South Wales inundated with rain

New South Wales inundated with rain

A flood emergency is unfolding across parts of New South Wales.

Days of torrential rain have inundated homes across the Hunter Region, forcing evacuations.

Newcastle's airport is closed and there is flash flooding across Sydney and the South Coast, with no relief in sight.

Locals woke to water views from every window, unexpected and unwanted. Their inland homes and their stock have been marooned.

It's all too much for the residents of Bulahdelah, some of whom have been through two floods in the past two years.

Pat Elliott had only just moved back into her home two days ago after recovering from the last floods.

"Everything has gone again."

Just about everything is now underwater, the torrential rain hasn't stopped for three days.

It's forced the closure of Newcastle's airport and there's no getting in or out on some roads.

Already there have been a dozen flood rescues across New South Wales, including a woman in labour who was airlifted to hospital.

Emergency crews have received more than a thousand calls for help. Last night they went door to door, evacuating terrified residents.

Down the road, Sydney hasn't escaped the big wet either. Parts of the city have been saturated in a month's worth of rain in less than two days.

It hasn't only been wet, it's been cold too – 11degC below average in some districts.  It hasn't been this cold in January for about 20 years.

But there's still been some typical summer water sports fun. Just not in the usual places.

It's hoped the sun will make a brief appearance tomorrow.

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