Newborn twins' touching moment goes viral

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(3 News)

Premature twins in Melbourne have become international social media stars, after their mum captured the touching moment they held hands.

More than 9 million people have watched the video of Kristian and Kristiana, who were born 11 weeks premature in Melbourne earlier this month.

"He just reached for her hand and kept it clutched on, everybody started sharing it and it just went viral," said the twins' mother, Anthea Jackson-Rushford.

She admits it's been an emotional time, but she says capturing the moment made it all worthwhile.

The twins' doctor, Atul Malhotra, says they will benefit from the skin-on-skin technique, known as kangaroo care.

"It basically encourages good maternal contact, bonding for the mother. Most importantly it gives very good positive outcomes for babies," he said.

Their mother says she just shared their video to give hope to other mothers with premature babies.

"I want people to see they will be okay even if they are born early," she explained.

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