Pope's New Year message: 'Good always wins'

Pope Francis (Reuters)
Pope Francis (Reuters)

Pope Francis aimed to boost morale through his speech during a service held at the Vatican on New Years' Eve.

The 79-year-old wills people to remember that although 2015 had seen many sombre headlines, especially in relation to the refugee crisis in Europe, there have been many great gestures of love.

"We cannot forget that many days have been marked by violence, death, unspeakable suffering by so many innocent people, refugees forced to leave their homelands, of men, women and children without homes, food or support," he says.

"Yet how many great gestures of goodness, love, and solidarity have filled the days of this year, even if they are not on television news programmes."

He challenges journalists to report on these "tokens of love", saying "good things don't make the news", but they "cannot and should not be obscured by the arrogance of evil".

"Good always wins, even if sometimes it may seem weaker and hidden."

The Pope, known for his strong environmental principles, has already scheduled major trips to Mexico in February, and Poland in July.

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