Prince William opens up on emotional vulnerability

  • 04/01/2016
Prince William (AAP)
Prince William (AAP)

To the men who have found the birth of a child makes them more sentimental, even a bit weepy – you're not alone.

Prince William admits becoming a father has made him prone to welling up at "the smallest little things".

In every royal snapshot, the Cambridges are captured laughing and smiling. But according to Prince William, as a person, he's now much more tearful.

In an ITV documentary he reveals how fatherhood has changed him.

"I'm a lot more emotional than I used to be, weirdly," he says. "I never used to get too wound up or worried about things. But now the smallest little things, you well up a little more; you get affected by the sort of things that happen around the world or whatever a lot more, I think, as a father, just because you realise how precious life is and it puts it all in perspective – the idea of not being around to see your children grow up and stuff like that."

The programme celebrates Prince Charles' charity, the Prince's Trust. It was filmed over 12 months, around the arrival of Princess Charlotte.

It's caring for the youngest members of the royal family that Prince William says is his focus.

Watch the video for the full ITV News report.