Resurgence of Scottish traditional music in Chch

Resurgence of Scottish traditional music in Chch

The largest gathering of pipers and drummers in the Southern Hemisphere is taking place in Christchurch. 

It's all part of a recent resurgence in the traditional art.

Teenagers fight for a spot on the New Zealand youth pipe band each year, while hundreds wait in the side lines to join.

It is a summer school for up-and-comers. Many have flown in from around the country and the world to attend.

Some of the youngest only picked up the pipes five years ago.

Piping tutor Liam Kernaghan believes the traditional art is thriving and there's resurgence in the Scottish spirit.  

"I think people probably use to think bagpipes and drums were pretty traditional, but there are so many cool innovative things that people overseas and around New Zealand are doing to make it a bit more accessible to young people and make it a bit more fun," he says.

Vancouver's Jack Lee travels the world tutoring. He says New Zealand is one of the hot spots in the world for piping.

"There was a time when it was primarily a Scottish thing but that has for sure changed," he says.

Scottish Rock band Red Hot Chilli Pipers dragged the bagpipes in to the 21st century, with the Edinburgh Military Tattoo marching into the country in February.

The skirl of the bagpipes is alive and well.

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