Saudi jets 'hit Iranian embassy in Yemen'

  • 08/01/2016

Iran has accused Saudi Arabia's warplanes of attacking its embassy in the Yemeni capital Sanaa.

"Saudi Arabia is responsible for the damage to the embassy building and the injury to some of its staff," Foreign Ministry spokesman Hossein Jaber Ansari was quoted as saying by state television news channel IRIB.

The Saudi-led coalition spokesman Brigadier General Ahmed Asseri said it would investigate the claim jets targeted the Islamic republic's embassy.

Coalition jets carried out heavy strikes in Sanaa on Wednesday night (local time) to target missile launchers used by the Houthi militia to fire at Saudi Arabia, he said, adding that the group has used civilian facilities including abandoned embassies.

Asseri said the coalition had requested all countries to supply it with coordinates of the location of their diplomatic missions and that accusations made on the basis of information provided by the Houthis "have no credibility".