Shark takes a dip in the pool

Shark takes a dip in the pool

A woman in Florida got a shock when she discovered a shark sharing the water at an apartment complex's pool in Florida.

The woman found a five-foot (1.5 metres) Blacktip shark when she was visiting friends at the Mariner's Cay condo.

She says she saw two men dump the shark in the pool around 11pm before running off.

The woman reported her discovery to authorities and officials caught the shark and released it in the nearby Intercoastal Waterway. She told the Sun Sentinel newspaper she thought it was unlikely the shark would've survived as it was "barely moving after the trauma".

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission says it is investigating the incident.

Blacktip sharks are common in Florida's coastal waters and estuaries and are the most commonly collected sharks in commercial fishery, according to the commission's website. They are well-known for the large schools they form when migrating south.

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