Teen takes 4000km detour to save $17

  • 29/01/2016
Teen takes 4000km detour to save $17

A British teenager has gone to great lengths and distances to save himself a few dollars.

He discovered it was cheaper to fly from Sheffield to Essex, via Berlin, than to catch a direct train.

Jordon Cox had always wanted to visit Berlin -- he just never thought he would swing by on his way from Sheffield to Essex.

The 4000km detour became worth it when he saw the price of a one-day train ticket.

Mr Cox worked out the journey from Sheffield to his home in Hutton, Essex would cost £51.79 if he took the train and the bus, which included lunch.

But he realised if he travelled to the same destination via a flight to Berlin it would all come to £44.07 -- a little under £8 cheaper.

Mr Cox's seven-hour stopover allowed him to take in the Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie and instead of a ham and cheese toastie from the buffet car, a currywurst lunch.

Mr Cox has become known as the Coupon Kid for his eye for a bargain.

Despite his love of a saving, Mr Cox's mindful of the environment too, so this won't become a regular route home.

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