UK revises visa rules

  • 20/01/2016

New visa rules in the United Kingdom mean Kiwis who earn less than £35,000 (NZ$77,500) a year could be made to leave.

From April, those sponsored to work in Britain by their employers can be deported if they haven't lifted their earnings after five years.

Vicki Kenny from International Working Holidays says lower-earning industries such as nursing and teaching are most likely to be affected by the rule change.

But she says for most people, the new rules won't be a problem.

"Most people going to London on a working holiday visa or an ancestry visa only go for two to five years, so they won't be affected," she says.

The change is expected to affect about 40,000 people across all nationalities.

A petition opposing it has more than 60,000 signatures.

The New Zealand Government says it has raised concerns about the impact UK immigration policy has on New Zealanders, and will continue to raise the matter.

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