Up to US to improve relations - Iran

  • 28/01/2016
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani (Reuters)
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani (Reuters)

Iran could have better relations with the United States, but it's up to Washington to change its "hostile" stance towards Tehran, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says.

"It's possible that Iran and the United states might have friendly relations. But the key to that is in Washington's hands, not Tehran's," Rouhani said in Rome before flying to Paris to continue his first trip to Europe since the lifting of sanctions.

He also accused the "Israeli lobby" for being responsible for US hostility towards Iran.

Rouhani is looking to rebuild Iranian relations with the West some two weeks after financial sanctions on Tehran were rolled back following the implementation of its nuclear deal with world powers.

"Iran does not just want trade, but also investment and technology," he said.

He rejected accusations by many Western nations that Iran is funding various militant groups which they deem to be terrorist organisations.

"It is clear that Iran is a country opposed to terrorism and a country that fights terrorism," he said.