Video: Frozen kitten revived in 'early Christmas miracle'


A young kitten has been brought back from the brink of death by a US family in what's been praised as an "early Christmas miracle".

In a video posted on YouTube, Branden Bingham films the resurrection of the tiny white cat.

The frozen body was initially discovered on Thanksgiving Day in Bear Lake, Utah, after heavy snowfall overnight when Mr Bingham's son tripped over it.

The rescue attempt began after Mr Bingham's brother touched it and discovered that instead of being stiff and frozen solid, the kitten was still limp.

In the video Mr Bingham is heard declaring they are "bringing a cat back to life right now everyone", as they take the cat inside and begin warming it by their fireplace.

CPR was performed on the kitten for an hour before defeat was accepted and the camera cut off over fears of the video being "morbid".

According to the video, the family then went back outside to try and enjoy the rest of Thanksgiving, and couldn't believe it when they came back inside to find the cat alive.

It was an early Christmas miracle for the young animal which regained its strength throughout the day.

The lucky kitten has since been named Lazarus, after the biblical figure Jesus Christ is believed to have resurrected.

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