Want a piece of Uranus? You're in luck

  • 06/01/2016

Uranus is the butt of all space jokes, and the latest gag is no exception.

Deal website groupon.co.nz have mastered a clever revenue-gathering joke any prankster could appreciate: a slice of Uranus.

Christmas may be over but it's never too late to start planning a gift for that special someone in your life. For just $9.99, usually retailing for $30, you can give someone, or yourself, a piece of Uranus.

That will get you one square mile of land on the gas giant, as well as a gift pack which a personalised title deed, a copy of the Uranus Constitution, a brochure on ‘Everything you need to know about Uranus’, a sticker and even a membership card to the Real Estate Commission and Trust of Uranus Management.

However, if you read the fine print you'll see this is just a "novelty gift operated for entertainment purposes only. All merchandise is for entertainment only and holds no other value".

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