Yarloop residents return after bushfire


Residents from the West Australian town of Yarloop have finally been allowed to return to what's left of their homes.

A bushfire last week all but wiped out the small historical town and killed two elderly people.

Residents are now furious about the lack of emergency warnings and water there.

From the air, resident David Phillips initially thought he was flying over a rubbish tip instead of his town.

"From up here it looks like we are flying over the moon's surface," he says. "It's hard for me to work out this is Yarloop."

He and his neighbours are now trying to work out how this disaster happened.

They want to know why they didn't get sufficient warning when residents in the neighbouring district of Waroona did.

But Fire Commissioner Wayne Gregson disagrees.

"I believe the community of Yarloop was well advised with warning," he says.

When asked if they were door-knocked, he says he didn't know the full extent of how the warnings were communicated.

Residents have also complained of a lack of water, which ran out on Thursday.

Mr Gregson argues there's now no shortage of armchair generals, saying what should or shouldn't have happened. He says the best people were fighting the fire but he promises there will be an inquiry.

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