Clinton smashes Sanders ahead of Super Tuesday

Clinton smashes Sanders ahead of Super Tuesday

US Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton has the momentum with a second straight primary victory.

South Carolina, with its big African American population, is Clinton country, and they have given her a springboard for Super Tuesday.

Ms Clinton smashed Bernie Sanders, grabbing almost three-quarters of the vote.

"We are going to compete for every vote in every state. We are not taking anything and we are not taking anyone for granted," she says.

Mr Sanders anticipated the setback by spending the day in Texas – the biggest of the 13 Super Tuesday states – ending in Minnesota where he's popular.

"I'm with such a brilliant audience here. There's no way we're going to lose in Minnesota; I can see that," he says.

While it seems straightforward on the Democratic side, the Republican Party is in turmoil, with the party hierarchy tying themselves in knots working out how to stop Donald Trump.

But there's no clear strategy to do this. Ted Cruz wants to peep into the billionaire's books.

"If there's a problem in his taxes I think voters have a right to know because come September election folks in the media are going to make a heyday about problems in his taxes, and I think primary voters have a right to know," he says.

Marco Rubio is getting down and dirty.

"The guy with the worst spray tan in America is attacking me for putting on make-up. Donald Trump likes to sue people. He should sue whoever did that to his face for that," he says.

Trouble is, mudslinging makes neither look presidential, and time's running out for the party to unite around anyone else.

So it's looking like Hillary versus Donald with three days to go until Super Tuesday.