Dog waits for murdered owner's return


Highlighting the bond between humans and their canine companions, a dog has spent the past two weeks patiently waiting for his owner to come home -- but he's never coming back.

Texas man Hatem Abuharbid was killed during an aggravated robbery on February 7, dying in hospital after he was shot while he worked at a convenience store.

But his dog didn't know that -- instead, the loyal hound waited by the apartment complex he shared with his owner.

During his wait, the German Shepard was seen chasing cars before halting when he realised it wasn't his owner's car, ABC News reports.

"Of course he's confused because he doesn't know what's going on," neighbour Cassandra Eubanks told ABC-associate KTRK. "He hadn't seen his owner in two weeks."

Though residents left food and water, the heartbroken pooch wouldn't let anyone approach.

Maranda Perez and her own dog were finally able to regain the dog's trust after a social media plea gained her attention.

According to ABC News, it took nearly an hour for Ms Perez to convince the lonely dog she was a friend before she was able to attach a leash to him and coax him into her car.

"He was still very shaken up whenever I touched him," she told KTRK.

But there's a bright ending to it all -- it's understood Ms Perez will foster the pup for a week, before Mr Abuharbid's brother plans to adopt him.