Floating arm spotted in bay used for Rio Olympics

Dead fish on the shore of Guanabara Bay in Rio de Janeiro (Reuters)
Dead fish on the shore of Guanabara Bay in Rio de Janeiro (Reuters)

An arm has been spotted floating in Guanabara Bay in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the bay which will host part of the Olympic Games starting August 5.

A picture of the arm floating near the surface of the water was taken by a G1 reader on Monday when he crossed Guanabara Bay near the Rio-Niteroi Bridge.

"I've seen bodies floating at other times. A five years ago and another last year," the reader, who wishes not to be identified, told G1.

"It is absurd, but we have got used to seeing things floating in the bay. I've seen a lot of garbage, other objects and dead dogs."

Biologist Mario Moscatelli confirmed this common occurrence, saying out his out if his 19 years working in Guanabara Bay, floating dead bodies were a common sight.

"I've seen whole bodies and have seen [them] in pieces. I must say that after the UUP was reduced. Perhaps the disposal of these bodies has become more difficult. Before I clearly remember it was common to find bodies in the Guanabara Bay. In the city of lakes [it] was much less common," Mr Moscatelli told G1.

G1 inquired as to whether a body was found in Guanabara Bay waters since last Monday.

According to Brazil's civil police, the Police of Rio Homicide opened an investigation into circumstances surrounding the death of a person who has not been identified, G1 reports.

An AP analysis of water quality in Rio revealed dangerously high levels of viruses and bacteria from human sewage ahead of the Olympic Games in July last year.

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