In brief: What the new EU deal means for the UK

  • 20/02/2016
UK prime minister David Cameron (AAP)
UK prime minister David Cameron (AAP)

An agreement has been made between the European Union and Britain. The key points are as follows:

Treaty Change: Two elements of the package are to be enshrined in future EU treaty amendments - a special exemption for Britain from further political integration, and elements of an accord to ensure fair treatment of financial and economic arrangements between the euro zone and non-euro EU states.

In-Work Benefits: Britain will be entitled to deny in-work benefits to newly arrived workers from other EU states for their first four years in the country.

Child Benefit: An EU-wide indexation system affecting payments of child benefit to workers whose children live in another EU state comes into force on January 1, 2020.

Euro Ins and Outs: The agreement gives Britain the right to supervise financial institutions and markets to preserve financial stability. This is "without prejudice" to the existing powers of the EU to act to protect financial stability.