Jacqui Lambie claims corruption in Australian Defence Force

Jacqui Lambie (AAP)
Jacqui Lambie (AAP)

An Independent Senator has used parliamentary privilege to make extraordinary claims about high-level corruption in the Australian Defence Force.

Jacqui Lambie claims in one case, a former army officer was sent autopsy photographs of his best mate - who he accidentally shot dead in an attempt to push him to take his own life.

She's demanding former Army chief Lieutenant General David Morrison resign as Australian of the Year accusing him of being part of the cover up.

Ms Lambie isn't afraid of a fight. And has gone into battle for former Australian soldier Evan Donaldson, tortured she says, not by his enemies but defence force staff in a secret training program.

"Evan was bashed, bound, bagged, blindfolded, stripped naked, placed in stress positions, deprived of sleep and food for 96 hours and during that time he was sexually assaulted and left bleeding," she says.

When he tried to claim sick leave, he was stripped of his position, qualifications and wage.

In another case, she claims a former army officer who shot dead his best mate by mistake was sent autopsy photographs of the body. It was, she says, a deliberate attempt to make him take his life.

She's accused Lt Gen Morrison of helping to spread lies about the sources of those images.

Ms Lambie's blistering attack follows an opinion piece written by a top Australian journalist. Robert Ovadia wrote that a high-ranking officer tried to kill himself.

From his hospital bed he told Mr Ovadia: "I let him get to me", referring to his old boss Lt Gen Morrison.

There's been no word from Lt Gen Morrison, the man famed for his speech.