Kiwi lifeguards respond to Syrian refugee crisis

Kiwi lifeguards respond to Syrian refugee crisis

Auckland's Bethell's beach is beautiful, remote and has had its fair share of rescues.

But it's nothing compared to what the Bethells' lifeguards will soon experience on the Mediterranean Coast.

In a couple of months, six lifeguards will head over to the Greek Island of Lesbos to help tackle what the UN say is the biggest humanitarian crisis in decades -- but the lifeguards will need help, as it is going to cost about $70,000 to get there along with their boat.

They were inspired by Melbourne lifeguard Simon Lewis, who raised money to take himself and a jetski to the Greek city of Lesbos where, in just 10 days, he helped save a staggering 157 people.

Story went to meet the lifeguards who refuse to sit back on the couch and feel a need and passion to get over to the Mediterranean and help save lives.

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If you want to donate to help get the lifeguards to Lesbos, click here for their GiveALittle page.