Racial tension erupts at Trump rally in Texas

Racial tension erupts at Trump rally in Texas

Racial tensions erupted at a Donald Trump rally in Fort Worth, Texas today, with scuffles inside and outside the venue.

A small crew took on Mr Trump, saying he causes racial hate.

"Is that a protester?" asked Mr Trump. "Oh good, I love protesters. Turn the camera, turn the camera. Look at this. Is that a protester? Please be a protester."

The racial division spilled onto the streets outside too.

Mr Trump has gained much of his momentum by attacking Mexicans as illegals. 

Around 10,000 Texans turning out in the city of Fort Worth is an example of his support.

Mr Trump now has big name backing too, with an endorsement from New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

Mr Trump's chief spokeswoman, Katrina Pierson, was in touch to say the official position is, "He hates the TPP." He believes it gives American corporations too much legal power.

And the Trump momentum continues to come, throw forward to Super Tuesday.